Known as the “Angel of Healing,” Raphael is the archangel over all the angels of healing, and patron saint (or angel!) to many healers. Archangel Raphael has been called “the chummiest of angels” and this I wholeheartedly believe. As a holistic healer, I call upon Archangel Raphael when I work with my clients, and have found him to always have a great sense of humor. Sometimes he chides me if I let my mind wander, or if I forget and ask for help toward the end of the session rather than at the beginning. I get the feeling that sometimes he’s laughing at me rather than with me, but no matter, I always feel lighter and more loving when he joins me in a healing session. And my clients seem to like it too! Read the rest of this entry

Just about everyone has heard of angels. Much of our religious literature is filled with stories of angelic intervention, and every culture has angelic mythology, whether it’s religious in nature or not. But sometimes I am surprised at how little the majority of people really know about the angels. They believe in angels, yet also hold the belief that they are not good enough to receive angelic attention. I work in holistic healing, and routinely call upon angelic assistance when seeing clients. My clients are always surprised to find out that they could possibly receive angelic help during a healing session.

I would be more surprised to find out they were not! Read the rest of this entry