Just about everyone has heard of angels. Much of our religious literature is filled with stories of angelic intervention, and every culture has angelic mythology, whether it’s religious in nature or not. But sometimes I am surprised at how little the majority of people really know about the angels. They believe in angels, yet also hold the belief that they are not good enough to receive angelic attention. I work in holistic healing, and routinely call upon angelic assistance when seeing clients. My clients are always surprised to find out that they could possibly receive angelic help during a healing session.

I would be more surprised to find out they were not!

Angels are Heavenly Helpers, sent by the Divine.

Every person has at least one angel in their company. But the angels wait. And wait and wait. Why? Because we have to ask for their help. Humans have free will and this means that we can live our lives according to our choices. Even when the angels see us making mistakes that could cause us suffering, or discontent, they realize that it’s our choice, and we are in charge of our choices. So they wait for us to call upon them, giving them permission to be active in our lives and helping us along our path. Now I will note here that sometimes the angels do intervene when we are in a state of emergency.

There are many ways the angels can help us.

From the complex to the mundane, they want to be part of our lives. Are you experiencing confusion on your spiritual path? Ask for clarification. Are you having trouble with family discord? Ask for harmony for you and your family. Are you experiencing fear? Ask for Love. Are you feeling stressed from overwork? Ask for Peace. From spiritual matters, to the workplace, and beyond, the angels are here to help in whatever way they can.

Put your problems in the hands of the angels, then let go.

We can ask the angels for help, but if we refuse to release the problem to them, or listen to their guidance, there is nothing they can do. We also have to realize that we may get an answer to our prayer in a way we never expected. If you are in an unsuitable job and are asking the angels to help you with that, you may find yourself going in to work one day only to be fired. If you are in a difficult marriage and ask the angels for help you may find that your relationship with your spouse suddenly takes on a whole new level of harmony and love, or your spouse may decide to walk out on you. Be prepared to accept the changes that come your way, and act on the guidance they give you.

Listen to the messages from your angels.

At first this may seem difficult, but know that the angels communicate with us in many different ways. You don’t have to be a psychic to hear your angels. Ask your angels to communicate with you in a way you can understand, and then be open to listening. Think about your question, state it to the angels, and then wait for your answer. It may be the gut feeling you suddenly get, or the next song you hear on the radio. It may even be in an overheard conversation between two strangers in an elevator. Be open and trust the messages. If you ask whether or not a move to another city would beneficial to you, and then you see a moving company commercial on television, it may be good to look into it a bit further. Trust the answers when they come and be ready to act on them.

Can we see our angels or perhaps hear our angel’s name?

Most definitely, but this can be very difficult for some people because it requires trusting what comes to us. If we ask to see our angels we will most likely receive an image in our minds eye, though you could just as likely receive it on an inspirational card or book cover that appears in your life at just the right time. Your angel could look like a traditional angel with glowing light and wings of white, or your angel may appear to you as a familiar face, perhaps even a loved one. When they appear to us in our imagination (our third eye) or through a synchronicity (receiving a card) many people think they are making up this image. Trust the image you receive, this is how your angel has chosen to appear to you. And if the image frightens you, ask for another. Most frightening images come from our own fears about working with the angels. We usually receive our angel’s name in much the same way as we receive their image. But we “hear” the name in our head, like a thought. When I meditated on my angel’s name years ago I heard the name “Howard” and got an image of a red haired bearded pirate. At first I was very frustrated as I was among others whose angels were named “Michael” “Isaac” and “Ariel.” Then I saw the great humor in my angel and am now tickled that I have such a comic at my side. You may also have a name appear to you in a book or magazine at just the right time. Again, trust this, as this is how your angel has chosen to show you his or her name.

Are we worshipping the angels when we ask them for guidance?

No, no, no, absolutely not. Angels are part of Spirit and their will is aligned with our highest good. We are simply utilizing an accessible aspect of Spirit when we accept help from the angels. The angels love us and want to be part of our lives. So ask them in. Ask for their name and chat with them like an old friend. Trust them and know that they will do what is for your highest good. They are here to help you along your path and make your life flow smoother. We all deserve Divine Intervention. And the angels are happy to celebrate our journey with us.