Light workers all around the world are in the process of a great awakening; you may be feeling it as the longing toward becoming the brightest version of your self, along with the desire to share as much light as possible. However, this process takes resilience and commitment in order for someone to fully embody a more awakened consciousness. 

You may find that now, more than ever, you are reaching out to your cosmic companions for guidance and support because you feel there is something you should be doing. This something may even feel like a deep urgency to fully express yourself on all levels in the service of healing for the greater good.

However, you may also find yourself up against a wall, unsure what to do, and feeling blocked at every turn. This is because you are stepping out of your comfort zone in a much bigger way than ever before. Fear will rise within you, and you may feel that the fear needs to be handled first.

The process of awakening leads to a more expanded consciousness, and your ego (whose only job is to keep you safe inside your comfort zone) will do whatever it takes to keep you from the process of growing, because there are just too many unknown variables that come along with a more conscious way of living.

Greater consciousness means having more awareness of the spiritual forces that work through you for your brightest good. And the greater your potential for awakening, the more forces your ego will muster up to keep you small and limited. This is where resilience is so necessary in order to continue the process of expansion and awakening.

This means there will always be an element of fear, because the ego is always going to try to keep you in your comfort zone, and fear is the greatest motivator to make this happen!

It takes a deep level of commitment and resilience to go through the process of spiritual growth, because you will face a constant barrage of challenges as you go through this process. Even well meaning friends and loved ones may feel they have to share their doubts as to your desires and goals.

Trust your heart as you make choices that support your awakening, and remember that you are an infinite being in a body, with a team of cosmic companions who fully support you on your journey.

Angel Blessings on your week, Deanna.